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Installing a roof properly is a tedious and important project for your home or office’s building structure, so you can’t trust just anyone with such a demanding job. The truth is, you’ll need an experienced roofer and here’s why; a professional roofer is skilled, honest, communicates openly, is committed to getting the job done and fix problems as they occur. 

On the contrary, a bad roofing contractor ignores honest communication and often rushes the project. Here at TSpark Enterprises, we have fixed many roofs that were improperly installed, or even left unfinished by less-than-reputable contractors.

Unfortunately, many homeowners can’t distinguish good roofers from bad ones and thus end up with an unfinished project and utterly frustrated. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, here are some red flags to look out for when hiring a contractor.  

Red Flag #1: A full payment upfront

In many states, roofing contractors are not allowed to demand full payment upfront. Payments must be made in adherence to your signed contract. A good roofing contractor will ask for no more than 50% of the total project cost upfront. More than often, this amount is to purchase the needed materials to repair your roof. Be suspicious of any roofing contractor who requests a full payment upfront – especially if it is in cash.

Red Flag #2: Unlicensed and Unregistered

One of the main indications that set reputable roofing contractors apart from unskilled ones is their license. Roofing contractors must obtain a license with the state that they are conducting business in. Any reputable roofing contractor will gladly provide their license and registration number which you can check online to verify if it’s active. If the contractor cannot provide a license in the first meeting, it is best not to hire them.

Red Flag # 3: No written contract

In any roofing project, open communication is tremendously important. But the most important part of communication is done with a signed written contract. A good contractor will provide the customer with a contract that specifies in detail the task at hand. An untrained roofer often doesn’t provide a written contract, but instead tries to put pressure on the customer and rush the project. 

Red flag #4: Solicit door to door

A professional roofer will have a neat and professional business with a business address and other contact information. A bad roofer, on the other hand, will often solicit door to door in the hope to get customers. Be wary of these types of roofers as hiring them can come with a slew of problems.

Red flag # 5: High-pressure sales tactics

Installing or repairing a new roof is a big and complex project – which takes time. The customer will have to do proper research, budgeting, and planning. Any professional contractor is aware of this and understands that it is only a matter of waiting. If you’re dealing with a contractor that is using high-pressure sales techniques to move forward quickly, know that you’re working with an unprofessional roofer. It is better to proceed with a reputable and experienced contractor instead. 

Red flag # 6: No portfolio or references

Shopping for a good contractor is a tedious task. So it is important to never hire a contractor based on their word alone, always ask about references. A good roofing contractor will be delighted to show you their portfolio and prove their expertise to you. If the contractor your dealing with doesn’t have a portfolio, it is best to refrain from hiring that company. 


A contractor’s words can be deceiving when entering a complex industry without prior knowledge. Make sure you look-out for the above-mentioned red flags when deciding on a roofing contractor, and of course, follow your instincts.

If you are in the Tallahassee area and in need of professional roofing services, look no further than TSpark Enterprises. Please don’t hesitate to call us at (850) 766-1340. We Conquer All Peaks!

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