Commercial ConstructionRenovatingImage of a modern restaurant with title "what to expect during a commercial renovation."

Many business owners want to renovate their business to attract new customers or expand their space. However, many of them don’t know where to start or feel intimidated by the construction process. Therefore, we made a list of what business owners can expect during a commercial renovation.


Budget your commercial renovation: 

First off, you will work with your contractor to create a budget that fits your financial and aesthetic expectations. 


Design approval: 

Once you’ve finalized your budget, you can begin the design process. You can speak directly with your contractor to help them create a design that meets all the items on your wish list while staying within budget. Once you approve of one of the designs, you will finalize and sign a contract to move forward with the project. 


Gather materials for the commercial renovation: 

Next, your contractor will take the next few days to gather the highest quality materials for your project that are within your budget. 


Prepare the space: 

Your contractor will let you know ahead of time how you will need to prepare the space before construction begins. Usually, preparing entails clearing out items, moving furniture away from the construction zone, removing overgrown landscaping, and moving cars from the parking lot. 


Construction phase: 

Once all the materials are available, you’ve approved the construction design, and the space is ready, it’s time to begin the actual construction phase. During construction, you may need to close off your business or have your employees work remotely, so you should prepare accordingly. Additionally, warn nearby business owners about the construction noises out of courtesy. 


Pass commercial renovation inspections: 

During the renovation process, you will need to undergo a few inspections to ensure your structure has a safe foundation and that the electrical and plumbing systems aren’t damaged. 


Finishing touches: 

Usually, contractors will do a final walkthrough with you to ensure you are satisfied with the result of the renovation. This is your opportunity to ask any questions or express any concerns with the renovation. 


Acquire documents and pass a final inspection: 

Once the construction process is complete, you must pass a final inspection to ensure that the structure is safe for commercial use. Once your building has passed, you’re free to open back up! 


We hope this list made the commercial renovation process seem less daunting. In the end, the responsibilities fall on the contractor. All you need to do is approve the design plan and budget. If you’re looking to upgrade your current commercial space, our TSpark construction experts are available to help you renovate. Call us today to learn more about our commercial construction services!



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