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Last fall, Hurricane Ian took the Florida coastline by storm (literally), devastating cities & structures throughout South Florida with 150mph winds and significant flooding. The projected economic damage of Hurricane Ian was estimated at $75 billion. Natural disasters like this require lawmakers to find ways to increase the safety of Florida residents. Keep reading to learn about potential updates to hurricane-focused building codes in Florida!


Flood Elevation 

Experts use federal flood maps to track flooding risk, but they may underestimate the risk. When a natural disaster floods an area more than expected, it’s a sign that stronger building standards are needed. More substantial building standards should help reduce the intensity and amount of damage due to Florida’s unpredictable weather.  


Elevated Living Spaces  

Updating current building codes is necessary for families living in elevated living spaces. Building code adjustments should include anchoring homes on concrete piers and adding open garages to ensure these families are protected. Additionally, building pad elevations should increase to adapt to these changes. 


Wood Frames  

It may seem like a no-brainer, but we should move away from wood frames and towards concrete blocks. Even in areas away from the Florida coast, contractors are replacing wood framing with concrete block construction. Concrete block construction is already required in South Florida buildings to protect them from strong winds and rainfall, and the rest of Florida isn’t far behind.


Hurricane Ian is just one of the many hurricanes that have made us rethink our current building codes. These are some potential updates to look out for in hurricane-focused building codes in Florida. Contact us if you’re unsure whether your home can withstand significant flooding, wind, or other unexpected weather! We’ll check out your residential or commercial building and conduct a leak diagnosis, ensuring you’re prepared before a hurricane hits. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation!


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