RenovatingResidential ConstructionThe Advantages of Replacing Carpet With Hardwood Flooring

Are you considering replacing your carpet floors? Between the stains, short lifespan, and cleaning struggles that come with carpet, we can’t blame you for wanting a floor change. Hardwood flooring offers convenient and aesthetic benefits that will make you never return to carpet again. To learn more about the benefits of hardwood flooring, read our points below. 


Hardwood flooring is timeless: 

Hardwood never goes out of style. With most other forms of flooring, they will probably need replacing more often to keep up with trends. 


Hardwood flooring is easier to clean: 

If you’ve ever spilled a glass of wine onto your carpet, you understand the immense struggle of getting stains out of carpet floors. With hardwood, you’ll never have that problem again. 


Hardwood flooring increases the value of your structure: 

If you’re thinking of putting your home or business on the market in the coming years, hardwood floors provide a reliable return on investment. Replacing your carpet can add up to 3-5% of your structure’s value.


Carpets have a short lifespan: 

Carpets easily become frayed and loose within the first few years of installation. Unfortunately, the only way to fix a damaged carpet is to replace it. Hardwood floors, however, are easily repaired if they ever become scratched or damaged. 


Fewer allergies with hardwood flooring: 

Carpet floors can intensify the symptoms of those who suffer from allergies. Carpet collects dust and dust mites which can cause you to feel congested. Dust does not collect onto hardwood floors, so you won’t suffer from all those sneezes and runny noses if you make the switch. 


Hardwood flooring is more elegant: 

Hardwood flooring is naturally associated with a more elegant structure. If you take pride in your home or business decor, then your floor needs to match! A new elegant hardwood floor will complement the decor you display around your home or business. 


Florida weather: 

Carpets may be a wise option for those who live in colder areas, but we don’t experience harsh cold weather in North Florida. If anything, we need some relief from those excruciatingly hot summers, and carpets don’t offer that relief. On the contrary, carpets absorb heat, which can make your home or business feel warmer. 


Are you ready to make the switch to hardwood flooring? Whether you’re a commercial business or homeowner, our team at TSpark can replace your carpet flooring easily and efficiently. Call us today for a new hardwood floor!



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