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Although Florida is known for being a more handyman-friendly state, there are still limitations on the work they can do on buildings. It is always essential to work with a licensed contractor for major construction, roofing, or repair projects; however, there are some smaller projects handymen can legally take on. Read on to learn about when you need a handyman vs. a licensed contractor!


When to Call TSpark Enterprises

As a rule of thumb, licensed contractors, such as TSpark, should complete any and all structural and remodeling work. In Florida, it is illegal for handymen to complete any projects that can alter a building’s structure. This includes demolishing load-bearing walls, working on roofs, adding rooms, and changing foundations. A licensed contractor must complete virtually all plumbing, electrical, and mechanical work. Additionally, only licensed contractors can work on air conditioning systems, alarm & fire protection systems, solar panel installations, and pool installations. If your project requires more than a minor small, your best bet is to work with a licensed contractor like TSpark. 


When to Call a Handyman

You can call a handyman for assistance if you’re dealing with a minor repair project. Handymen are equipped to handle some window & door repairs, painting, paneling, yard work, cabinet installation, small appliance repair, and more. If the repair does not affect the structural integrity of your building, feel free to call a handyman! We just recommend that you check their legitimacy before hiring one. 


If you’re unsure whether your project is for TSpark or a local handyman, give us a call. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your home or commercial building. Check out our other blogs for more specific examples of when you need a handyman vs. a licensed contractor! Contact us to learn more!


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