UncategorizedIs a Roof Replacement More Beneficial Than Repairs?

One day, it finally comes time to carefully assess the state of your roof. These examinations should not be prolonged or delayed by any means. The roof of your home is the foundational support for protection against all outside elements and natural disasters. But the time will come when you are presented with the decision to either have your roof entirely replaced or simply request a repair for the time being. Our team of experts at TSpark Enterprises is here to tell you that a roof replacement is more beneficial than a roof repair.

Much like any construction project, every situation is different, so identify what issues currently are at stake with your roof. To clarify, you should be monitoring your home quite regularly—monthly would be ideal, and especially after a significant storm. But overall, while roof replacement is a considerable expense, it has a more long-term solution that will avoid future problems. A roof replacement can actually save you money in the long run with its longevity. Here are several instances in which you would be apt for a replacement.

Moisture can be the ultimate downfall for your residential home’s structure. Once it seeps beneath shingles, it almost always infiltrates its way inside, which leads to extremely detrimental damage that often results in mildew or mold—these cause health problems. While it might feel more reasonable and less drastic to patch up the one area of the roof that has been affected by the water, there is no guarantee that the moisture will not result in damage for the rest of the structure.

Moisture often stems from natural occurrences, whether that is as gentle as light rain, or as violent as a hurricane. Tropical storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes all pose considerable threats to the wellness of a roof. Roofs are obviously built to withstand these, but if there is a patch, partial damage, or the roof is much older, they eventually become frail and worn down. Have one of our professional experts perform a qualitative examination of your roof after a significant storm to assess whether it needs a replacement.

A qualitative examination is not necessarily all it takes to decide what kind of treatment needs to be applied towards your roof. A roof’s age can be the factor that determines whether or not you should fund its replacement. If installed correctly and composed of durable materials, a good roof will last up to 20 years. As your roof gets older and nears closer to this age, you’ll likely want to schedule a replacement as its life span begins to terminate.

In short, we take it case by case but understand that while a roof replacement is far more costly than a repair, it saves you from the time and expense of several small repairs down the road.