SafetyBuilding that is boarded up.

Florida has seen quite a few storms within the past few months. Before it becomes too late to start preparing, ensure your building is protected from the next natural disaster with the following tips: 


Protect your windows: 

If your building’s windows aren’t impact-proof, make sure to always have shutters on hand. Once a hurricane is underway, everyone runs to the store to buy shutters all at once, which causes shortages. Additionally, if your windows and shutters require professional installation, it’s crucial to have someone who you trust and who is reliable on hand. This type of work is in high demand once a hurricane is confirmed to hit your area. Therefore, it is best to have the professional complete the shutter installation as early as possible. 


Backup power: 

Commercial businesses sometimes have a generator to operate essential utilities when the usual power supply is not active because of severe weather conditions. If your business uses portable generators, it is crucial to use these in a well-ventilated area outdoors. These generators emit fumes that can cause carbon monoxide poisoning if not used carefully. 


Check the outdoors: 

If the outside of your building has any signs, decorations, or plants, remember to remove these items to ensure they do not hit and damage your structure because of strong winds. 


Inspect your doors: 

Commercial doors can become damaged as a result of hurricane winds and rain. If your door breaks, then the inside of your building is very vulnerable to damage. Therefore, before the storm hits, check your door brackets to ensure they are tightly secured to the wall. If necessary, hire a professional to repair fragile doors or install impact-proof ones. 


Inspect your roof: 

The roof is the part of a commercial building that is most likely to receive the most damage during a hurricane. Inspect your roof by looking out for any cracks, missing shingles, or tears. It can be burdensome to properly inspect a large commercial building’s roof on your own. Therefore, hiring a professional roofer for a routine maintenance plan is your best bet to ensure your roof is in the best possible condition. 


Don’t put your guard down! Although Florida hasn’t seen a high category hurricane in a while, it’s best to be precautionary to ensure your building receives as little damage as possible if a hurricane does decide to hit this year. As always, if you need assistance inspecting your structure or installing storm-safe building components, our staff at TSpark is here to help. Call us today to keep your business safe this hurricane season.



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