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Although North Florida may not get as cold as other areas in the US, we Floridians still need to turn on our heaters when it gets below 55 degrees. We’re simply not made for this cold weather! Turning on the heater is expensive though, and air leaks around your home make that electric bill skyrocket even more. Air leaks are improperly sealed areas, dents, or holes in your structure that cause the warm air from your heater to escape. If your electric bill is higher than usual this winter, you most likely have an air leak somewhere around your home. To help you identify and fix your air leak, read our points below: 


Check for cracks and gaps around your home: 

The most common places where you’ll find cracks and gaps are electrical outlets, baseboards, washer and dryer vents, and air vents. Inspect all these areas carefully with a flashlight for any visible gaps. If you find a small crack, you can fix it on your own with caulking found at your nearest home improvement store. However, if the gap is any more than a quarter-inch wide, it’s best to call an expert to solve the problem.


Check your doors and windows: 

To find if there is an air leak in the windows or doors of your home, you can perform a “smoke test.” First, wait until it is a windy day outside. Then, turn off all your combustion appliances and fans. Lastly, light incense or a candle and place it near the window or door. If you see the smoke changing direction, then you most likely have an air leak in that area. 


Have a professional roof inspection: 

Holes and gaps in the roof of a home are common. You should receive a professional roof inspection once a year. If you’re coming up on that mark, it’s best to call a roof inspector to check for any areas in your roof that could be the cause of your high electric bills. 


Have a professional inspect your insulation: 

Insulation traps the cold air from the outdoors and keeps your heater’s warm air within your walls. Insulation needs to be inspected and replaced every 20-80 years. Although this sounds like a long time, if you live in an older home, and don’t remember ever receiving an insulation inspection, it’s probably time to call a home inspector. 


Did you find an air leak in your home after reading through these common air leak locations? Has your electric bill been higher than normal this winter? Has it been a while since you’ve professionally inspected your insulation? Call TSpark today! We’ll seal your air leak to ensure your electricity bill doesn’t suffer this winter.



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