Commercial MaintenanceResidential MaintenanceEarly Signs of Structural Damage

The sooner you identify a structural issue, the less likely your property will suffer from severe or even permanent structural damage. Therefore, every so often, property owners should inspect their structures for the following early signs of structural damage. 


Cracks in the wall:

Cracks in the walls of your property signify that the foundation of your structure has shifted or sunk. Foundational issues are, unfortunately, costly and time-consuming. However, the earlier you address a foundational issue, the less money you will spend on labor costs. 


Sloped floors: 

Have you noticed that the floor on your property is uneven? Sloped floors can be a result of many structural problems such as weak window frames, faulty foundations, and water damage. On the other hand, a sloped floor can also be a result of its age, which is harmless to your structure. However, to be safe, it’s always best to hire a professional to inspect your floor to rule out damage entirely. 



Discoloration, even if it’s slight, on your walls or ceiling can either be a sign of mold growth or water leakage. Mold growth is dangerous for your respiratory system and can cause foundational damage. 


Doors that don’t close: 

Have you noticed that the doors in your structure aren’t closing properly? This can be a result of a minor issue such as loose hinges. However, if the hinge screws are on tight, and your door is still not closing, this means your structure could be sinking and needs help returning to its original foundational state. 



If you see visible rust in any part of your structure, you should take care of it immediately. Rust is a sign of moisture and water damage. You may feel tempted to solve the problem by covering it with a coat of paint, but doing so is dangerous to not just your structure, but also everyone inside of it. Rust can eat into the metal foundation of your structure, which in the past, has caused buildings to collapse. 


Sagging roof: 

Roof’s usually cause structural issues if not replaced every 20 years or so. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to see sagging if your roof is coming up on its 20th year. Before the sagging becomes worse, contact a professional to schedule a roof replacement, especially since Florida is known for its unpredictable weather and hurricanes. 


Have you noticed any of these signs in your home or commercial property? Don’t wait. Call TSpark now! Our construction experts are available to assist you. The sooner you take action, the less money, time, and effort you will spend trying to solve the problem.



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