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Not many people know this, but handymen cannot legally replace doors and windows in Florida without the proper licensing. According to Florida law, it is illegal to do any structuring or remodeling work without certification and licensing by the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board. Hiring an unlicensed handyman to work on the structure of your home is never a good idea. Luckily, the professionals at TSpark Enterprises have the necessary licenses and expertise to perform high-quality structural repairs & replacements. Keep reading to learn more about the basics of door & window replacement in Florida!


When You Need a Licensed General Contractor

If you’re dealing with a broken exterior door or window, a license is required for any repair/replacement work to be done. In this scenario, we always recommend working with a licensed contractor, like TSpark. This is because this type of project can alter the building’s structure. If you want to work with a handyman on this type of project, make sure they hold the proper licensing at the county level. Keep in mind that different types of doors & windows require different licensing. For example, glass door replacement requires a different license from traditional door replacement. TSpark consistently delivers high-quality workmanship that lasts, while handymen are hit or miss. 


When You Can Use a Handyman

For minor repair projects of interior doors & windows, such as replacing trim, a handyman can be used. Handymen have the tools and knowledge for minor repairs and replacements that do not alter the structural integrity of the building. Handymen can legally fix concrete, caulk, paint, repair tile, clean, lay flooring, replace lightbulbs, and maintain exterior fixtures, like gutters. However, handymen can also be dishonest and illegally fix things, causing you a future headache. Be sure to check their legitimacy before hiring! 


Remember that you get what you pay for, and it’s never a good idea to cut corners when it comes to your home or business. To avoid future stress, we recommend calling TSpark directly for your exterior door & window repair or replacement needs. For minor, interior door & window jobs that won’t affect your building’s structure, call a local handyman. If you’re unsure whether your door & window replacement (in Florida) project is a job for TSpark or a local handyman, give us a call! 


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