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Never trivialize the importance of your roof—it is the exterior foundation that holds your home together and protects it from the outdoor elements. Factors such as what your roof is made of and how it was made can determine whether you would need to replace your roof or simply a roof repair. However, if you think you might be due for a replacement, you are probably correct. Our experts at TSpark can come to you for an onsite inspection to determine whether you need a replacement or not. If you have your skepticisms, here are some consequences you could face if you don’t do so.


Severe Damage


Suppose you fail to recognize that your roof needs replacement, even when it really does need it. In that case, the pre-existing damage will only become increasingly more severe. Whether it was damage created by fault tiles, shingles, cracks, or leaks, natural weathering over time, as well as exposure to weather conditions, will steadily (or drastically) make them even worse, much like a crack in a windshield. While the roof’s age has a massive impact on its estimated lifespan until replacement, it’s essential to continually monitor it just in case other factors have depleted its longevity. This severe damage could bring about leaks and other complications to the structure of your home. Leaks also lead to mold. This can proliferate and create unfavorable conditions for your home and for your health.


Unwelcome guests


With faulty roofs often come the invasion of pests, from leaks and openings from damaged tiles and shingles. These holes will only get larger and larger, which increases the risk of your home being a more popular attraction for rodents, bugs, and other creatures. Replacing your roof can fix these issues.


Diminished Property Value


If you decide to wait to replace your roof, to the point where you choose to sell your home before that time comes, your home will be much more difficult to sell. An old, withering roof diminishes property value because the future homeowners will acknowledge that they will need to tend to it once they move in. Old and frail roofs also give way to stains on the ceilings and in the attic, but if you replace your roof, you can avoid these problems.


Higher expenses


The longer you wait to replace your roof, the more expensive it will be. In addition to that, if you decide to repair it as a means of putting off replacement, you’ll eventually need the replacement; therefore, the money spent on the repair was essentially meaningless. By waiting to replace your roof, your energy costs will also increase. With leaks, cracks, and other potential holes in the roof, your heated or cooled air will escape. Thus leading you to amp up your air systems to extreme levels.

A lot of thought goes into undergoing a roofing project, especially a replacement. Our trusty experts at TSpark do the job better than anyone else in the Tallahassee area. Call us to book a free quote today!



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