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Although wood is one of the most common materials in construction for good reason, it can be vulnerable to different types of damage. Timber is both flammable and hygroscopic, making it more ideal for some climates than others. The hygroscopic tendencies of wood can lead to wood rot if it’s left in areas with too much moisture for too long. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always need a general contractor (GC) to take care of your wood rot. Smaller cases of wood rot can be handled by handymen, while widespread cases should be dealt with by a GC. Keep reading to learn more about when you need a GC for wood rot!


What is Wood Rot?

Wood rot occurs when timber is repeatedly dampened or left moist for an extended period of time, causing decay. When wood absorbs too much moisture and isn’t able to fully dry out, timber-eating fungi can take over. Rooms with increased moisture levels, like kitchens and bathrooms, are common areas for interior wood rot. Other common locations for wood rot include sinks, door frames, windowsills, attics, decks, siding, and steps. Plumbing issues, leaky showers/bathtubs, poor ventilation, and roof/gutter issues can cause wood rot. Not all wood rot is caused by moisture though, as dry rot is another form of wood decay. Dry rot can cause actual mushrooms to grow on timber!  


How to Deal with Wood Rot

Some signs of wood rot are obvious, while others are not. If you’ve noticed darker and/or softer areas of wood along with a musty smell, you’re probably dealing with wood rot. If you’re unsure, grab a flashlight and a screwdriver, and examine all visible timber throughout the interior and exterior of your home or building. Look out for abnormal-looking wood and try out the screwdriver test if needed. If you notice small areas of wood rot in your home or building, you should call a local handyman. Avoid wasting additional time and money trying to fix it yourself. Handymen are well-equipped to take care of small cases of wood rot and can advise you on the best plan of action to tackle your wood rot problem. If they refer you to a GC, remember that TSpark Enterprises is here to help!


When You Need a General Contractor

If you’re dealing with a widespread case of wood rot at your house or building, don’t hesitate to call TSpark. Rotting wood can put you and building patrons in danger because the wood loses its structural integrity and becomes weak. Additionally, dry rot can expose individuals to spores that are hazardous to those with respiratory problems. Protect your building patrons from hazardous living or working conditions with the help of TSpark!


If you’ve got wood rot, it’s always best to contact an expert for assistance. For minor cases of wood rot, you can simply call a local handyman to repair it for you. For major cases of wood rot, assistance from a GC is necessary, especially for rotting windows and doors. If you’re unsure about whether your wood rot is extensive enough to hire a general contractor, give us a call and we’d be glad to give you more information. We provide free quotes and can’t wait to work with you! 



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