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Did you know that many construction companies use subcontractors in place of regular employees? The average client may not understand the consequences of using subcontractors, so we are here to explain. The reality is that many construction companies hire subcontractors to save money and take shortcuts. Construction companies don’t need to perform background checks, provide worker’s compensation, or provide employee benefits to subcontractors. Here at TSpark, we value the immense benefits that come with having a staffed crew of roofing employees in place of subcontractors. These benefits greatly outweigh the monetary gain because they ensure a high-quality product for our clients. But that isn’t the only reason why we value our professionally trained and experienced roofing employees. Check out the several other reasons below: 


We train our roofing employees on par with our standards: 

The most valuable benefit to having a crew is the opportunity to train them to uphold the TSpark standard in every project. The TSpark standard is a job done with careful attention to detail. We don’t cut corners or take shortcuts here. Shortcuts end up causing damage in the future. Therefore, we train every employee to be precise in their craft. 


Same roofing employees, same quality of work: 

Have you ever been to a restaurant that served an extraordinary dish, so you came back to order it again but then hated it? It’s probably because a different chef made your food. Just like the restaurant example, having the same group of individuals in the construction industry come into work every day means our clients will receive consistency, which is invaluable to us. 


We want to foster a safe work environment: 

As you can probably assume, the construction industry can result in many work-related injuries. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to keep our employees safe. The best way to do so is by providing our employees with a reliable worker’s compensation insurance program. Unfortunately, many construction companies don’t cover their subcontractors with insurance to save money. Failing to cover your workers causes high medical bills and legal battles. We avoid this altogether by ensuring every one of our employees has insurance.


Background Checks: 

Since subcontractors technically don’t need to be background checked, many construction companies overlook this crucial step of the hiring process. We value safety above all else. As a result, we require all potential roofing employees to undergo background checks to foster a safe work environment for employees and a safe space for clients.


This is the TSpark difference. 

Our regular crew of roofing employees sets us apart from our competitors and will make all the difference in the outcome of your next construction project. 

Are you tired of receiving subpar service? Our TSpark crew is available to help you on your next construction project. We will ensure you receive a final product that exceeds your expectations. To ask more about our services, call us today.



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