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Hurricane season is swiftly approaching here in Florida. Tallahassee was already struck in early May by a destructive natural disaster that left several communities with severe damage and without power. One of the most common and detrimental damages to a home involves its roof—homes are left with holes in their roofs, dents, or, in the worst case, without them altogether. Rest assured, our dedicated crew at TSpark Enterprises is always ready to provide relief to those who need it with our emergency roofing repair services and advice on what to do the next time you find yourself in a roofing emergency.


Assess the Situation.

Once you suspect that damage may have been done to your roof, safely inspect it from the ground to determine the next steps for damage control. Do what you can to assess the damage from below to ensure you don’t get injured. Check for signs of missing or broken shingles, leaks, dents, sagging parts, or debris.


Stay Safe at All Times.

If your roof exhibits signs of structural damage, such as sagging or missing shingles, or if it feels unstable, it’s crucial to avoid approaching or climbing onto it. Staying away from the affected areas can prevent serious injuries and accidents to you and surrounding individuals. 


Manage Interior Leaks & Damage.

If you notice leaks or water entering your home, strategically position buckets or containers in those areas to catch the water and prevent it from causing further damage. Additionally, consider placing towels and tarps over furniture and other belongings to safeguard them from potential water damage.


Temporarily Patch Affected Areas.

If it is safe to access the roof, it would be beneficial to inspect the area for potential sources of leaks. You can use tarps, roofing cement, or waterproof tape to create a temporary patch if leaks are found. Temporarily patching the area will help prevent further damage until our team can address the underlying issue with professional repair methods.


Secure Loose Roofing Materials.

If you can safely do so, you can use nails, screws, or roofing adhesive to firmly secure any loose or damaged shingles. By securing these materials, you’ll be able to prevent additional damage and potential safety hazards.


Document Any Damage.

Taking thorough photos and videos of the damage to your home is essential for supporting your insurance claims in the future. These visual records will help ensure that you receive adequate coverage for the damage incurred.


Contact Us!

At this point, it’s our time to step in. One of our contractors will inspect your damage and choose the right plan of attack to provide emergency repairs and address all issues.


Contact Your Insurance Provider.

In a roofing emergency, it’s essential to contact your homeowners’ insurance provider to inquire about coverage for repairs. Ensure all the documentation is readily available to facilitate the claims process.


Stay Informed About the Weather.

In the event of a powerful storm, stay informed about weather forecasts and any updates related to storm conditions in your vicinity. This will allow you to make thorough preparations and take the required safety measures.


Take Preventative Measures. 

Once we fix your roof with emergency repairs, we recommend scheduling an inspection with us so we can identify underlying issues and prevent future emergencies. Routine maintenance can help extend the longevity of your roof and minimize the risk of similar damages happening again.


You can’t prevent natural disasters, but you can do your best to stay educated and informed about best practices to keep you and your family safe and your home in good shape. It’s best to leave emergencies like these to trained professionals like us, who have the expertise and equipment to address the situation safely and effectively. Feel free to call us anytime you need aid or have construction inquiries, and visit our website,, for more information!




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