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One of the most rewarding feelings is finally becoming a homeowner after years of saving! It’s important to remember not to jump into anything without knowing all the details first, especially when buying a new home. As with any major purchase, there could be deal-breakers that are important to be aware of before signing any contracts. One of the most common deal-breakers when house shopping is an old or damaged roof. Keep reading to learn about what new homeowners need to know about roof deal-breakers!


Should old roofs be a deal-breaker when house shopping?

Let’s talk about old roofs. Most roofs are not brand new unless they were recently built, and that means there could be some wear-and-tear to deal with. When deciding whether an old roof is a deal-breaker, you should consider the roof’s age, type of materials used, and local weather conditions. Older roofs tend to need repairs or replacement sooner than newer roofs which can be costly. The answer to this question isn’t always easy, but we recommend getting as much information about the roof as possible to make an informed decision.


Before purchasing a house, you should…

Before deciding whether an old roof is a deal-breaker, there are a few things you should do. First, ask the seller for all documentation on the roof’s most recent repair. Next, have the roof professionally inspected, and consider getting a second professional opinion. Professionals can provide you with an estimate of the repair cost and when the next repair will be needed. Gathering as much information about the condition of the roof is essential in the house shopping process!


It may be a good idea to walk away if…

If the house you’re looking at buying has one or more major roof issues, you may want to walk away to save time and money. Always consider how long you’re planning on staying in the house, and know that roofs 15 years or older will need replacement sooner. Sagging roofs, missing shingles, and overgrowth of algae are never good signs. Interior stains near the ceiling and corners are an indication of water damage to the house’s structure. All of these issues will require a roof replacement sooner rather than later. 


Reminders for New Homeowners

There are plenty of things new/potential homeowners need to know about their roof. If your roof needs repairs, do not put this off! Keep debris off your roof, and make sure to maintain your gutters to prevent water damage and algae growth. Remember that TSpark Enterprises is happy to inspect your roof and will even provide a free quote on roofing projects. TSpark can also perform leak inspections!


Purchasing a new house can be a daunting task, especially for first-timers. There are plenty of deal-breakers to consider when house shopping, and old roofs are common deal-breakers. TSpark can help you make an informed decision by inspecting your roof and locating any leaks. Visit our website or give us a call today for a free quote!


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