Commercial ConstructionResidential ConstructionRoofing TipsWhat is back-blocking and how can it be used to your building's benefit?

When strategically selecting materials and techniques for a construction project, you always want to choose a route that will create the least amount of problems and the highest amount of efficiency. That’s where back-blocking can come in handy.

With drywall, especially, you want to be very careful with the delicate surfaces at stake. Back-blocking is a reinforcing technique that works to minimize ridges between butted joints. It provides panel edge support, which results in a smoother surface by preventing movement that can cause deformation and cracking.

Back-blocks are small pieces of drywall that are cut to fit between the supporting structural members, whether trusses, metal furring, or wall studs. They can come pre-made or be handmade. Before using the blocks, you’ll want to make sure that your drywall is first securely fastened to the wall or ceiling, with its edge halfway over the supporting member. The back blocker will then be slid into the cavity behind the edge of the drywall between the supporting members so that the edge of the drywall spans the block’s center. Place one screw every six inches down the length of the block at the edge of the drywall.

In construction, blocking is highly recommended in many areas. It refers to various types of material installed between structural members of a floor, wall, ceiling, or roof and acts as a secondary means of support. Blocks can be made from metal, synthetic material, or wood. You can apply blocking when installing cabinets, electrical equipment, or heavy shelving. It is a lot more expensive to put in blocking after the initial installation, so it is best to plan ahead and install it right when the framing is exposed.


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