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Low Slope Roof Systems

Are you looking for the best Low Slope Roof system installers in Tallahassee? If yes, then TSpark Enterprises is the leading name in the market with years of experience in this field.

If you are new to Low Slope Roof Systems, then we have prepared below a great rundown of what it is and what we can do for you.We are here to provide you with in-depth information about low slope roof systems.


What is a Low Slope Roof System?

It is a type of roofing system that is nearly flat or slightly pitched. It doesn’t mean that it is completely flat but typically that one side of the roof is slightly tilting.


What are the characteristics of low-slope?

  1. The main characteristic of a low-slope roof is that it has a slope of less than 3/12 pitch.
  2. For every horizontal foot, the level of roof moves up, but less than 3 inches vertically.

In the past, low slope roof systems used a combination of tar and gravel, but it did not work very well. It had issues with performance, was not cost effective, there were environmental concerns, and much more.

Today, low slope roof systems can do a lot better – and a lot more. Apart from performing well in wind & UV radiation from the sun, low slope roof systems must withstand expansion and contraction as well. This requires well-engineered attachment, weathering characteristics that meet these performance demands.

More in-depth, a low-sloped roof never depends upon water to flow in any specific direction, so it must be utilize what’s called a monolithic membrane that sojourns watertight to the drains. These contain incessant membrane coverings which can better resist large amounts of standing water. The applying method of these membranes is easy. It is bonded together with the help of heat-welding or some adhesives. These are the joined interlocking systems of metal panels.


Types of Low slope roofing systems

  • Built-up Roof:
      1. In this type of roofing, the multiple layers of roof touch are swabbed in place with coal-tar pitch to build up a very robust water light membrane. After that, a membrane is surfaced with gravel that is embedded in a pour coat or coating of hot bitumen. The best thing about this roof type is it has a very long life and great performance.
  • Single Ply
    1. Another type of low-slope roofing system, which is manufactured in a factory-controlled environment, and can be installed is: single ply. These come usually in white which makes them very heat-reflective and at the same time energy star products. The best part is these roofs are considered the most environmentally friendly in their manufacture, installation, performance and disposal.

So if you have a low slope roof at your home or business in Tallahassee, we can get a roofing systems installed for you that meets your needs! Call us today at (850) 766-1340 or you can click here to request a free quote on your commercial roofing project today! At TSpark, We Conquer All Peaks!

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