Commercial ConstructionRenovatingUpgrading to a Class A Office Space

Class A office spaces are elite! If you’re seeking to upgrade your office space and attract high-quality employers and clients, a Class A structure is the way to go. Additionally, Class A office spaces are an enticing selling point if you plan to put your commercial structure on the market soon. Learn more about what it takes to meet Class A structure standards below.


Class A office location:

Class A structures are located in population-dense areas, such as a city’s central business district. Therefore, if your office space isn’t currently in a well-known area of your city, you may need to relocate to be considered Class A.


HVAC Upgrades:

Class A offices have up-to-date HVAC systems that ensure improved air quality and consistent air circulation. If your HVAC system is over ten years old, you may want to consider replacing it to fit with the standards of Class A.


Increased amenities:

Class A spaces have increased amenities for clients and employees, such as gyms, daycare centers, restaurants, and lounges.



Parking isn’t unbearable in Class A structures. Every employee and client should have sufficient space to park in an updated lot or garage.


Class A office lobby:

Make an amazing first impression on guests with a stunning lobby. If your building doesn’t currently have a lobby, don’t fret! You can hire a construction company to do a structure expansion to make space for a lobby with plenty of room to seat your guests.


Class A office conference rooms:

Class A structures have stunning conference rooms that hold a large number of employees. Additionally, with the newfound and insanely popular hybrid work model, you may want to opt for a few more conference rooms than you normally would.


Outdoor spaces:

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have a place inside your office where you could host your happy hours and socials? That’s more than doable with an outdoor space fit to host all your big parties and work events.


Are you ready to take the plunge and upgrade your office to meet the standards of a Class A structure? Call TSpark today! We have a team of qualified construction experts that can expand your current office space to offer increased amenities. Call us today to improve your business and attract higher-quality employees.



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