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This Florida heat is no joke! With temperatures and humidity levels staying high into the Fall months, sometimes even our houses have trouble staying cool. Nothing is worse than coming inside from being outside to realize inside isn’t much cooler. The good news is that your decisions when choosing your roof can help keep your roof cool in this heat. Keep reading to learn more about how to keep a cool roof in Florida!


What Makes Some Roofs Cooler Than Others?

This goes without saying, but we sadly don’t have the ability to completely stop your roof from getting hot during the dog days of Summer. We can, however, help you make choices that will prevent your roof from heating up as quickly, keeping it cooler than other roofs. This mostly depends on your roof’s level of solar reflectance and the materials used–the more your roof reflects solar rays, the cooler your roof will stay. The materials you choose for your roof also play a huge role in keeping your roof cool as some do a better job of emitting heat than others. Cool roofs are not only beneficial for you comfort-wise, but they’re also less expensive since you tend to use less energy overall. 


Ways to Make Roofs Cooler

Whether you’re working on a new home or want to replace your old roof, it’s a good idea to know the things that make roofs cooler. Similar to clothing, dark colors attract heat much more quickly than light colors, so lighter colored materials are always a better choice for roofs. Applying a reflective roof coating can also reduce the negative effects of solar rays on your home. If you’re set on shingles, go with asphalt shingles as they tend to reflect more than traditional shingles. Concrete roofs also tend to stay cooler than other types of roofing. Smoother materials reflect more solar rays, so tile roofs are another good option. Metal roofs, mainly for steep slope roofs, are smooth and essentially act like a mirror, reflecting heat very well. Finally, it’s essential to have proper roof ventilation to keep a roof cool. 


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