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Tile Roofing is becoming very trendy, more popular day-by-day, and is a loved roofing product for customers all around Tallahassee. It provides sturdiness beyond compare, saves on energy costs, and gives great protection like no other material can provide. In fact,  TSpark Enterprises is the best known roofing contractor in the area for these types of roofs due to our quality and workmanship on these projects. We offer cost-effective tile roofing for residential homes and commercial buildings.

No doubt clay and concrete are the two most cost-effective and durable choices for roofs as their lifespan is around 50-100 years – sometimes even more. These materials outlast many other materials in the market with manufacturers’ guarantees for years to the life of the structure. There is also a wide variety of natural materials, colors, and styles to make that roof of yours stand out and be one-of-a-kind.


Energy Efficient Roofing

Roofing titles are a specific type of material that contain a lot of energy efficient qualities, like:

  1. Thermal Resistance: These tiles are created by cross-sectional areas of the tiles while installing. These are installed independently, rather than in sheets or in an overlapping style, hence the natural airspace produces around the tiles helps in avoiding high heat.
  2. “Green” Materials: These roofs come from natural materials that don’t utilize resources, like petroleum products. Similarly, the waste from concrete and from clay tile can also be salvaged immediately.


Tile Roofing Styles

  • Flat Tiles: These tiles are one of the simplest types, which are laid in a regular overlapping row. Flat tiles are typically made up of clay but can also be made of stone, plastic, wood, and solar cells, etc.
  • Roman tiles: Another roofing tile option, flat in the middle, with a ball-shaped at one end which allows interlocking.
  • Imbrex and Tegula: This is a primordial Roman Pattern of Curved and the flat tiles. It makes the rain channels on a roof.
  • Pantiles: These are S-shaped silhouette tiles, which allow adjacent tiles to interlock.
  • Mission or Barrel Tiles:  Mission or Barrel Tiles are laid in alternating columns of convex. Today these tiles are mass produced from metal, clay, concrete or plastic.
  • Interlocking Roof Tiles: Interlocking Tiles are similar to Pantiles – with the top and side locking to upsurge protection from wind and water.
  • Antefixes: Antefixes are vertical blocks, which dismiss the covering of a tiled roof.

So, if you’re looking for tile roofing services in Tallahassee, FL, look no further than TSpark Enterprises located at 1134 W. Orange Avenue, Tallahassee, FL 32310. Call us today at (850) 766-1340 and you’ll find out why at TSpark Enterprises “We Conquer All Peaks”.


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