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The need for sustainability is becoming increasingly important across the globe, especially in larger industries like construction. The construction output in America is expected to reach 1,650,159.2 million dollars by 2026. New construction materials are becoming more popular to maximize sustainability and increase profits. Keep reading to learn more about new construction materials! 


Bendable Concrete

Bendable concrete, aka Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC), is on the rise as it can bend without breaking. It’s stronger and more resistant to cracks than traditional concrete, resulting in less need for repairs. It uses less cement, reducing the material’s carbon footprint while being more cost-effective. 


Mass Timber

Over time, the need for wood in construction has decreased since it’s more susceptible to fire damage. Mass timber is a lumber material in which solid wood is panelized and laminated. This creates a lumber material with increased strength and fire resistance. This results in a reduced need for materials that produce harmful emissions and excessive waste like concrete.


Recycled Materials  

Although the use of recycled materials isn’t new, it’s more desired to use them in construction when possible. Using recycled materials reduces the carbon footprint when constructing new buildings. Construction companies are using recycled cardboard as insulation, plastic as carpets, and more!


3D Printed Materials

3D printing has become popular over the years as its capabilities become more innovative. The cost of 3D-printed construction is lower, making it a great option for low-income and emergency housing. 3D printed materials result in less waste, faster turnaround times, and more. 


Air Cleaning Bricks

The future of sustainable construction materials is exciting! In commercial real estate, indoor air quality (IAQ) is rising as a concern amongst employees. A new passive air filtration system was invented that uses bricks on the outside buildings to filter the air. This system is less expensive than other air filtration systems that are less sustainable. 


Self-Healing Concrete

Although traditional concrete is commonly used because of its durability, even a small crack can turn into a huge problem. Self-healing cement was created by scientists who added living spores into wet cement. Self-healing concrete can mend its cracks to prevent issues and extend its lifespan.


It’s always interesting to see how we’re making strides toward sustainability with new inventions! The need for construction isn’t going anywhere, and the need for sustainable materials is steadily rising. To learn more about how TSpark Enterprises is taking steps towards increasing sustainability, contact us! 


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