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Only one out of four homeowners admit to ever inspecting their roof. That’s a scary statistic for us, especially during spring when rainfall and moisture are at an all-time high. Regular roof inspections are essential in catching any problems as soon as they arise instead of waiting for them to become worse and more costly to you. In hopes of potentially lowering the number of people who don’t inspect their roof, we wanted to warn you of six potential roofing problems that tend to occur around springtime. 


1. Leaks: 

As those spring showers begin to present themselves, our roof can take some damage. Rainfall can result in damaged shingles that can allow water to penetrate your home and even cause mold growth. A roof inspection can help avoid this damage. 


2. Moisture Retention:

Rainfall followed by periods of sunny weather describes springtime in Florida in a nutshell. Spring results in a lot of humidity and moisture, which can enter your home, damage your roof’s structure, and cause mold growth. 


3. Animal Infestation: 

As the weather gets warmer, many animals that tend to hide from the cold winter months come back to infest your home. Infestation only becomes easier for critters like bugs, squirrels, raccoons, and rats when your roof has holes or open crevices. A roof inspection can help avoid this. 


4. Clogged Gutters:

You may have forgotten to check up on your gutters during the months when rain was not a common occurrence. However, inspecting your gutters before the heavy-rain months will prevent water damage. Gutters tend to crack and collect debris or dust. Suppose you notice any of these issues leading up to the spring months. In that case, you should contact a professional roofer to decide whether it is necessary to replace your gutters. It is best to do so before the rainy months to ensure your home is less likely to have leaks. 


5. Failed Sealants: 

Roof sealants can crack before the warmer months start to roll in. Ensuring that your sealants are smooth is crucial because it serves as a protective layer from moisture and sun exposure. However, sealants need to be inspected closely, which can be hard to accomplish on your own. If you are worried that your sealants may be damaged, it may be time to call a professional roof inspection. 


6.  Physical Damage: 

Physical damage, whether it be due to a need for replacement, heavy storms, or animal infestations, is very common. If you begin to notice any falling shingles, cracked shingles, or leaks, you may be due for a roof replacement. Spring is one of the best months to get started on replacing your roof! The pleasant warm temperatures will keep you and our staff comfortable while your roof is undergoing replacement. 


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