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We’re coming up on the spring season! It’s finally time to bask in the warm Florida sunshine we all know and love. However, before you get wrapped up in the fun activities that come with the new spring weather, don’t forget to care for your structure! For all you commercial building owners, we’ve made a comprehensive list of spring commercial maintenance tips to follow this spring. 


Inspect your roof: 

After all the fall debris and winter wind storms, inspecting your roof is critical! Look for any missing shingles, dents, or cracks in your roof, and call an expert immediately if you notice anything concerning. 


Inspect your gutters: 

The Florida summer months come with a lot of rain. Before summer creeps up on you, make sure to inspect your gutters for any debris, cracks, or damage to ensure your structure can take on the summer rainstorms. 


Inspect the exterior of your building: 

Since spring is filled with sunny days, there’s no better time to clean the exterior of your structure. Pressure wash the exterior of your building as part of spring commercial maintenance and check for any cracks, dents, or other signs of damage. 


Clean up your landscaping: 

Don’t you want all your flowers and bushes to be in pristine condition for the springtime? Clean up your landscape by pulling weeds, trimming bushes, and trimming trees. Not only will this enhance the curb appeal of your business, but it will also prevent loose leaves from getting stuck in your gutters and branches from hitting your structure when it gets windy out.  


Assess your sidewalks and parking lots: 

Most people neglect the concrete area of their structure. Sidewalks with cracks and stains leave a bad impression on your employees and clients! Therefore, pressure wash your concrete to lift any stains and enhance your curb appeal. If you found any cracks or dents in your concrete, call a trusted contractor to fix it immediately. 


Check your HVAC system: 

Ensuring your HVAC system is in good condition is critical to preventing damage to your home. Change your air filters, clear your vents from debris, and call a professional to make sure the system is running smoothly. 



Over time, the caulking of your structure can get dirty or damaged. Since you’re taking on all these other spring commercial maintenance responsibilities, you might as well freshen up your caulk. A fresh coat of caulk can improve the look of your structure and protect it against mildew and leaks. 


We hope our spring commercial maintenance tips inspired you to care for your commercial structure this season. If you need a professional inspection, restoration, or remodel, call TSpark today! We can ensure your commercial structure is in tip-top shape in time for the spring.



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