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There are many options that you can choose from when picking out roofing material for your home. Whether it be a metal roof materials, shingles, panels, or any other. Because of the different choices that you have as a homeowner, let’s take a look at a specific type: metal roofs. Metal roofs have be a trendy choice over the last few years for homeowners. These types of roofs have pros and cons to them. Let’s take a look at what some of the pros to having a metal roof on your home are:

  • Installation speed & ease: Metal roofs are known to come in multiple-shingle sections, or in panels with widths ranging from 12 to 36 inches. Installing these will be a breeze for an experienced roofing contractor in Tallahassee, like ourselves. Also, if your roof is stripped off from a storm, it’s simple to add pieces back to the roof. Getting it back to perfect in no-time. Also, installing a roof quickly and easily will provide some savings on labor costs as well.
  • Resistance to fire: Due to their non-combustible nature, metal roofs actually have a Class A fire rating. Adding an important safety element in the event of a fire –  and add to the “safety value” of your home and it’s worth.
  • Heat conduction: Metal reflects heat from the sun, thereby minimizing the heat during the day. With metal roofing, you can save energy from your air conditioning unit during the day.
  • Low roof pitch: You can easily install metal roofing material on a gently pitched roof without experiencing any leaks.


With any product, there are also going to be negatives along with positives. Here are a couple of the common “cons” to having a metal roof on your home:

  • Cost: Initial cost would have to be the biggest downside to metal roofing. Due to their high durability, the cost of the material itself can be higher than other materials for roofs. If you plan on staying in your home for a long period of time than the investment is really worth it. However, if you plan to move in a few years, then you might not get your desired ROI.
  • Noise: There are people who love the sound of rain tapping on their roofs, while others detest it. Living under metal sheets in a storm is bound to be a tad noisy, as opposed to living under tile or slate. Depending on your preferences this might be a problem.
  • Denting: If a metal roof is hit by a large hailstorm, it could cause a pretty bad dent.

In summary, metal roofs can be quick to install, look incredible, and come in a lot of styles and colors to match your home. A professional roofer can get the job done very quickly. So, if you’re looking for a roofer in Tallahassee for your next metal roof, look no further than TSpark Enterprises. You can request a metal roof quote online by clicking here or you can call us at (850) 766-1340.

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