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Here at TSpark Enterprises, we are proud of many things… we are proud of our customers, our team, our five-star customer reviews, the service we provide and more. However, one thing we’re extremely proud of is the acquisition of our license that allows us to serve our customers to the highest standards established by the state of Florida.


There are numerous unlicensed roofing contractors in Florida because obtaining a license to become a certified roofing contractor is not an easy feat. Here are the steps we were willing to take to obtain our license.



Roofing Contractor Examination

 Our journey began with the Florida Contractors’ examination in the corresponding category of the license we sought. Undoubtedly, we completed this examination with flying colors.

Experience and Education

In general, anyone wishing to become a certified roofing contractor may apply for the license. One requirement, however, is that all applicants must be directly employed as a W-2 employee of a licensed roofer and must be able to demonstrate that they possess the capability, tenacity, knowledge, and experience in Built-up Roofing, Roll Roofing, Modified Bitumen, Cold Process, Single Ply, Foam, Architectural Metal, Concrete, Tile, Shingles and Shakes, and Gutters and Downspouts. 

In addition, there are three options to qualify for licensure:

Option #1: The applicant holds a four-year bachelor’s degree in engineering, architecture, or building construction and one year of construction experience in the category they are seeking to get licensed for.

Option #2: The applicant has been actively working in the roofing and construction industry for at least four years, or was in charge of a group as a foreman for at least one year. 

Option #3: The applicant has a combination of education and experience. Applicants who have succeeded in junior college-level courses on roofing construction are not required to possess as many years of experience.

Financial Responsibility and Stability

Applying for a contracting license means that you’ll be able to meet the financial responsibilities that come with the job. We had to prove this to the department with a consumer credit report with a FICO score on all the businesses we intended to qualify for.


Good Moral Character/Criminal Background

The next step for us was to establish good moral character. To do so, we had to submit fingerprints to complete a criminal background check. With our team, we had no doubt our constructors would pass this requirement.

Insurance requirements 

In Florida, all applicants must be able to prove that they have insurance to obtain their license. The insurance must cover workers’ compensation insurance, public liability insurance, and property damage insurance. The insurance must be active at all times. We adhered to this regulation and provided insurance to all of our workers.


Overall, TSpark Enterprises’s goal since the beginning was to obtain our license to offer the best work to our clients. We went through the strenuous process of paperwork, documenting files and making sure every team member was up-to-par to provide our clients with perfect roofing construction – which is reflected in our numerous five-star customer reviews. 


If you are in need of professional roofing services, look no further than TSpark Enterprises. Please don’t hesitate to call us at (850) 766-1340 or simply contact us via our website. We Conquer All Peaks!

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