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As we near the beginning of the fall season, you’re probably celebrating with pumpkin spice candles and Halloween decorations. While we also love celebrating the fall season with pumpkin-scented items, we must remember to prepare our homes for the many leaves and debris. To help your home endure the weather conditions caused by fall, we outlined a few helpful fall maintenance tips: 


Clean gutters: 

Before the leaves begin to fall, make sure your gutters are squeaky clean. It’s a simple task that will prevent damage to your roof and leaks in your home. 


Trim trees around your home’s roof: 

While you can’t prevent the leaves from falling, you can prevent them from falling on your roof by trimming the trees around your home. This will keep your gutters free of leaves and debris and thus prevent your roof from enduring rain damage. 


Gutter guards: 

If you hate cleaning like most people, gutter guards will be your best friend this fall season. These convenient gadgets fit over your gutters to prevent any leaves from falling inside. However, they still allow gutters to collect water since they have small holes to let the rainwater pass through.


Calling all commercial building owners: 

We didn’t forget about you, commercial building owners! To safeguard your building this season, check out our fall maintenance tips to protect your structure: 


Check your HVAC system: 

As you prepare to change the setting on your air conditioner from cool to warm, it’s crucial to ensure your HVAC system is working smoothly. We hear many horror stories about HVAC systems catching on fire during the fall time. This is easily preventable by hiring a professional to inspect the system. 


Inspect your roof: 

Your roof can suffer from damage this fall season due to leaves and debris. A few leaves, branches, and acorns may seem insignificant, but if enough of them collect on your roof, they can clump together and cause damage. Therefore, you want to ensure your roof is in tip-top shape before this season. The best way to do so is by scheduling an inspection with a professional roofer. 


Check your insulation: 

If it’s been a while since you last installed or replaced insulation, it may be time to have a professional take a look. Ensuring you have updated and properly installed insulation is crucial as the colder months get close. It will save you money on your electricity and prevent damage caused by moisture. 


Now that we’ve given you all the tips, it’s time to put them into action! Preparing your home or business to handle the fall weather conditions will extend the lifespan of your structure. If you need help with routine inspections, installations, or repairs in preparation for the fall time, our TSpark experts are here to help! Call us today to inquire about our services.



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