As we settle into the Spring season, we experience profound changes in weather that can impact your house or office just as much as it affects you. When gearing up for those April showers, remember gutter and roof maintenance is essential. Without preservation of your roof and gutters, the leaves falling can make much more of an impact than you think. Here is an informative message on why you should keep your gutters maintained and how to keep your roof and gutters clean.

Regularly cleaning them

Although it may seem obvious, the best way to treat clogged gutters and roofs is to clean them manually! Cleaning can be done by hand by taking a ladder and going along your gutters, removing any miscellaneous items, and hosing it down. However, make sure to take the right safety precautions by using a sturdy ladder and gloves to prevent injury. This is a tedious and, at times, a dangerous task, so professional help may be needed depending on your circumstances and health.

Preventing damage and clogging

Many of us would rather avoid the intense labor of cleaning your roofs and gutters and prevent it from happening from day one. You can easily make this happen with the installation of gutter guards. Gutter guards cover the top of the gutter to prevent any branches, leaves, or other debris from getting in your gutters. Therefore, they protect the gutter from getting clogged and lessen the workload for when you need to clean out your gutters. If you need help installing gutter guards, feel free to contact a contractor for assistance.

Why gutter and roof maintenance is important

There are many reasons gutter and roof maintenance is essential to the structure of your home or office. The first of many include the foundation of your building. The use of your gutter system is to lead water in the right direction and keep it moving away from your home. However, without a properly working gutter, the water can erode the framework of your home and office and cause severe leaks.

Additionally, unmaintained roofs and gutters can lead to the flooding of your home or office. Not only can the flooding damage your personal property, but it can also lead to mold and other growth in your home that can be harmful to your health. The dirty water filled with debris and fungi also leads to the nesting of insects. Insects and mosquitoes are not just bothersome, but they can carry viruses. But with a clean gutter system and roof, these insects won’t be nesting near your home.

When to call a professional for help

As mentioned, gutters and roofs that aren’t maintained tend to take on severe damage as its after-effects. These damages can be quite costly so it is best to avoid them altogether. Improper cleaning may result in damages, which then translates to unexpected costs. Calling for help early on can help you save thousands of dollars in repairs.

Although maintaining your gutter system and roof may seem tedious, it is essential for the prosperity of your building’s structure and the wellbeing of those inside your home or office. We understand that you may not have the time to clean your gutters and roof bi-annually, so you can always call an expert for a helping hand. Not only will a professional clean your gutters and roof, but they will also take preventative actions to prevent future issues. TSpark Enterprises has dedicated 15-years in the industry to master their practice and offer Tallahassee residents the most reliable roofing backed by licenses and certifications. Give us a call at (850) 766-1340 to book a consultation today! We Conquer All Peaks!

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