Commercial ConstructionCommercial MaintenanceIs Your Building ADA Compliant?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is an American statute that prohibits discrimination against those with disabilities. If your business is a public accommodation or commercial facility, ADA compliance is a requirement under the law. To ensure your business is inclusive of the one in five adults in the US who live with a disability, make sure your structure has the following features: 


Accessible ADA compliant entrances: 

To ensure those with wheelchairs and scooters can enter your building, install a ramp in your entrance. Every entrance in your building doesn’t need a ramp, but there does need to be clear signage pointing the disabled individual toward the accessible entrance. Additionally, make sure to pay close attention to the hardware of your doors. Many knobs and handles are challenging to open for those with arthritis or other mobility issues. Loop or lever handles are widely known for being accessible and easy to open.


Accessible parking: 

Your parking lot must have disability parking spaces near the entrance of your building per ADA guidelines. The parking space must be free from any nearby slopes or curbs that would prevent someone with a wheelchair from being unable to exit. Additionally, there should be a clearly outlined, obstacle-free route that leads the individual to the entrance. If the person would need to pass through incoming traffic, there should be a crosswalk. If you’re wondering how many accessible parking spaces you need for your business, we generally recommend having at least one for every 25 spaces. 


Large ADA compliant bathrooms: 

There should be at least one stall in your building that can fit a wheelchair or scooter. Additionally, the walls surrounding the toilet should have accessible bars for assistance, the hall in the bathroom should provide at least 80 inches of room for wheelchairs, and the sink must be a maximum of 34 inches. 


After reading through the requirements we listed above, did you realize that your building isn’t inclusive per ADA guidelines? In that case, you must remodel your structure to meet the structural requirements outlined by the ADA. Thankfully, we have a team of construction experts that can help. Call us today to make your building inclusive and accommodating to those with disabilities.



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