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About every 15 years, homeowners need to replace their roof to ensure their structure doesn’t suffer damage. When your roof has reached the end of its lifespan, we suggest using it as an opportunity to enhance your curb appeal. The color of your roof drastically changes the look and feel of your home. After all, a roof is 40% of a home’s exterior. To help you decide which roof color is right for you, we shared a few tips for you to review below: 


1. Pick a roof color that compliments the color of your home: 

The first factor to consider when deciding on a roof color is the color of your home. Contrasting yet complementary colors are your best bet for a home that has depth and still looks cohesive. If you want a simple and foolproof suggestion, you can choose a roof color that’s a darker shade of the color of your home. However, if you are considering other colors, we suggest taking a look at the color wheel and researching colors that would complement your home’s color. 


2. Choose whether you would like a roof color pattern: 

Not all shingles come in a solid color. Some have a subtle gradient that blends multiple colors together. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you’d like to use a shingle with a gradient. However, we only suggest using multi-colored shingles if you have a solid color home. Mixing multi-colored shingles with a multi-colored home can look unpleasant to the eye. 


3. Consider the weather in your area: 

The color of your roof can affect the temperature inside your home. Darker colors absorb heat, whereas lighter colors reflect the sun’s rays. The darker your roof color is, the hotter your home will become during the warmer months. Therefore, if you live in a hot area, you may want to consider light-colored tiles. 


4. Consider neighborhood regulations: 

If you live in a neighborhood, it’s crucial to check your neighborhood regulations to ensure you’re following neighborhood guidelines. To be extra safe, contact the person in charge of your neighborhood regulations to let them know about your intended home renovation before beginning the construction process.  


A roof replacement isn’t solely a functional home construction project, it’s also a great way to enhance curb appeal. We hope our tips help you pick a roof color that will complement and transform your home. If you’re looking for an expert team to take care of your roof replacement, call TSpark today! We have the equipment, work ethic, and experience to get the job done.



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