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Unfortunately, every homeowner has experienced the heart drop sensation that comes with finding a leak on the roof, a crack in the wall, or rust stains in the bathroom. Taking on an unexpected construction project due to structural damage is inconvenient and expensive. Therefore, to help you extend the lifespan of your home and avoid structural issues, we shared our best home maintenance tips below. 


Clear your gutters regularly: 

The metal gutters surrounding your roof serve a crucial purpose in protecting your home by preventing water build-up. Therefore, to ensure your gutters can perform their job well, clean them every month. Doing so will free them of any clogs caused by leaves or debris. 


Remove blockages in drains: 

Drainage issues in your home can cause severe structural damage if not taken care of quickly. Blockages caused by hair or sludge can cause pipe bursts or leaks, which result in mold growth or water damage. Therefore, if you notice that your toilet isn’t flushing or your shower water isn’t draining, have a professional fix the problem immediately. Additionally, to prevent any future drainage blockages, we suggest pouring clog removal liquids in your sinks, toilets, and showers regularly to keep your drains clear. 


Power wash the exterior:

A quick power wash to the exterior of your home is all it needs to get rid of any unappealing stains that could become permanent. You should plan an annual power washing home maintenance session sometime during the transitionary period between spring and fall. Doing so will eliminate all that pesky spring pollen. Therefore, your house will be clean in time to take on the fall leaves and debris. 


Check for pests: 

Ideally, your home should receive a pest inspection as part of home maintenance once a year. Florida is home to termites and fire ants which are notorious for causing structural damage. Therefore, although it is an expense you may be hesitant to take on, it’s much better to hire a professional to catch a pest issue than letting your home fall victim to structural damage. 


Taking the proper precautions is crucial to expand the lifespan of your home. We hope you use these home maintenance tips to keep your home safe from structural damage throughout 2022. However, even if we take on every precautionary measure, sometimes our structure falls victim to damage due to factors outside of our control. If you see any early signs of structural damage, don’t hesitate to call TSpark. Our team of construction experts are licensed and qualified to take on your home’s structural issue.



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