Commercial ConstructionWhere Construction Is Headed For Healthcare Facilities

For as long as we can remember, healthcare construction has always been one of the most challenging and particular construction forms. Not to mention how much it has changed due to recent events involving the COVID-19 pandemic. The healthcare industry is always evolving, and so are its healthcare facilities as a result.

There are already strict guidelines for healthcare facilities that construction companies must follow these rules in the build and makeup. Medical professionals implement these rules for the utmost safety and well-being of ALL patients and doctors. But in light of the pandemic, we have witnessed overflow emergency departments and intensive care units. As a result, healthcare construction is going to continue to be in significant demand.

According to the Colorado Real Estate Journal, “implementing facility renovations to create segregated areas and reconfigure existing spaces will be key to maintaining revenue-generating operations. Revisiting modular construction solutions, building new HVAC systems and considering micro-hospital developments for specialized services will lead these developments.” The country will need to continue building and planning for construction sites to accommodate potentially worse conditions since our former conditions were not suited for the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The demand for additional free-standing centers, healthcare facilities, and urgent care facilities will continue to increase to provide treatment options closer to patients. We will also see a surge of facilities outside of typical acute care, including childbirth, dialysis, medical imaging, rehabilitation, and more.

Although we will continue building additions to major hospitals and medical units, construction will also prove to be increasingly challenging to accommodate the need for spaces that allow for isolation and “distancing” of some kind. Healthcare facilities will continue to adopt these distancing requirements through their architectural design.

When it comes to construction and the aspects of life in the COVID, and eventually the post-COVID world, you can count on our experts at TSpark to keep you informed of all of these developments and follow all of the necessary protocols.



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