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Maintaining your commercial building is crucial to keep its appearance clean, modern, and up-to-date. Maintenance isn’t all about fixing necessary repairs. Renovating should be a part of maintaining your commercial structure as well. Many business owners, however, are unsure when to renovate because of the time it will take. We’re here to help you determine the right time by considering the following factors:


  • When do you have the most customers? 


Before you get started on that renovation project, consider whether or not you have a lot or very little business during this time. Since we are in a college town, many businesses tend to be slower during the summer months. Fall and spring may become busier. Timing your renovation during a time where your business is usually slow is a better option to make sure you’re missing out on as little business as possible. 


  • Does your building need immediate repairs? 


If your structure needs immediate repairs anyway, it may be a good time to knock two birds with one stone. This way, your business will only be closed once instead of sporadically during different times of the year.


  • How much money do you have saved up?


Renovating and fixing repairs can be costly. Don’t cut corners because of cost. Instead, wait and save or choose a financing option to ensure you’re able to hire a quality contractor that can get all the repairs and renovations done at once. 


  • Does your current building meet your needs? 


Is your space too small? Are your employees complaining about your business space? Is your structure outdated? All of these factors can be contributing to a business’s lack of efficiency. If you feel as if a renovation is required to give your employees or customers a necessary upgrade, you should do so as soon as possible. However, if your current structure meets your needs, a renovation isn’t required to become more efficient. You may be able to hold off the construction process for a little while. 


  • Do you have a plan for your employees?


You’re not going to want to leave your employees out of a job during the construction process. Therefore, you need to have a plan to ensure they can continue to maintain their lifestyles. Whether this is working from home, having them work at another location, or communicating with them about the renovation with plenty of time beforehand, make sure they are aware and can plan accordingly. 


We know it can be tough to plan out commercial construction projects so far in advance. We hope we helped you in considering the factors necessary before you take the plunge and start renovating. If your business checks all the above boxes, call us today and our TSpark construction team will be happy to get started on your next commercial renovation.



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