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Safety is our top priority here at TSpark Enterprises, in addition to putting forth our best efforts with every new project. As one can presume, working in construction can present some precarious scenarios—especially in roofing. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), falls from roofs account for 34% of deaths by falling. However, there are several ways in which we ensure that our workers are safe and secure on the job. Hopefully, we can provide a sense of ease and inspiration, whether you are a concerned customer or also work in the industry.

For one thing, we scope out our construction sites for all potential hazards that may pose a threat to our workers and customers. The sites can entail loose materials like extension cords, steep surfaces, scattered debris, or uneven terrain that may have gone unnoticed. By identifying these obstacles and making ourselves deliberately aware of them, we can fix them to facilitate functionality and avoid severe injuries. Before every workday, we ensure that our ladders are stable, in-tact, and readily accessible to whoever might need them while working from great heights.

Construction requires several power tools, beyond the standard hammers, nails, and power drills. If misused, such tools can cause majorly hazardous accidents. To avoid lazy usage, we make sure that our workers are properly trained to use all of the equipment they are provided. Not only does it increase safety, but it’ll also expedite productivity and operations.

These tools are also all most likely electrical, which poses an even higher risk for shock, fires, burns, and other complications. We conduct routine checks to avoid electrocution.

Construction can include the handling of several hazardous substances, including paints with intense fumes, asbestos, and other harmful chemicals. Our employees are made aware of the dangers associated with these materials, and they are well informed on how to safely handle and dispose of such items.

One of the top ways to be most responsible and protective on a construction site is to have protective equipment. We ensure that our workers are equipped with non-slip footwear, gloves, hard hats, safety goggles, earplugs, safety harnesses, respiratory protection, and wet weather gear. 

Since construction and roofing are primarily outdoors, keeping track of weather conditions is incredibly important when it comes to prioritizing our workers’ safety. We keep a close watch on the temperature, and on conditions such as extreme rain and wind, so we do not send out our team during a time that might risk their lives or our clients’ lives. Severe weather can give way to slips and falls, as well as ineffective roofing and construction work. For example, shingles might not get sealed down properly. We never allow our workers to work on a wet roof or slippery service.

As mentioned earlier, we pride ourselves on our mission to conduct productive and safely-executed work and to keep our staff safe and healthy. If you’re interested in discovering how we can apply our safe and productive practices to your residential or commercial plans, visit for more information.

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