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No project is guaranteed success unless there is some form of plan or blueprint defining the goals, and the ins and outs for the end result. A roofing estimate is a form of consultation. The site is inspected to ensure the exact wants and needs of the customer for the contractor. Being detailed and thorough in your roofing estimate is especially important, as such an essential and treacherous undertaking as repairing or replacing a roof is something that you’ll want to do once without much alteration. Certain elements should be included in the estimate for a smooth and seamless process to be as thorough. See below a sneak peek into our operation when figuring out which details to include in your roofing estimate. 



First and foremost, you’ll want to take measurements of everything to gather the right amount of materials necessary for the job. Along the way, the customer can ask you questions, and you can ask the customer questions. Be sure to exchange all contact information with the customer, not only to remain in contact throughout the process but to have two-way communication in case anything changes from either end. 



Keep in mind how important it is to keep your customers in the loop during these projects. In your estimate, provide a timeline of dates for when things will get done. These don’t have to be set in stone from day one, but giving an idea will provide the customer with a better understanding of what to expect and when.



Take note of all resources you will need, from the actual materials for the roof to the different tools and equipment you will need to work with. You will likely need to use electrical tools, so try to indicate, however, many electrical power sources you may require. 

After consulting with the project site and keeping all factors in mind, note all anticipated costs for the project for different parts, so the customer knows exactly where their money is going. As much as you should respect your customers, prioritize constructing a payment schedule. You may not have a preference, but even if that’s the case, let them know. Communication is key.



Local permits are a thing. Do your homework to take note of any local permits that might be required to keep your project in-tact and legal. These permits likely come with a cost, so your customers will need to know that. Include any guarantees that would be included in a contract, such as quality guarantees, material guarantees, and clean up expectations.

After examining the project site and getting a firmer understanding of what will need to be accomplished, you’ll have an idea of what kind of labor will be required. Use your notes to help you identify how many workers you will need for this project from your team.

Lastly, indicate the insurances and licenses you have on your estimate for proof of credibility.


We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about our process when providing details in your roofing estimate.  

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