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As 2022 comes to an end, we wanted to highlight some construction trends to watch in 2023. Robotics, virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), and more are expanding possibilities for the construction industry. Not all trends are beneficial though, and it’s important to follow trends to stay successful. Keep reading for construction trends to watch in 2023!


Digitization and Automation

It’s no secret that we are living in a world that is constantly becoming more digital and automated. It only makes sense that digitization and automation are playing major roles in the construction industry. Automated processes make construction easier in every way, from keeping documents safe on cloud platforms to having machines complete tasks. With the help of robotics, drones, and AI, construction can be completed more safely and efficiently. 


The Rise of VR

We’ve seen VR used more often in the construction industry to help with design and training. VR can reduce errors made in traditional construction blueprints. By providing a way to test designs before construction begins, overall safety is increased. Individuals use VR for training different skills in the construction industry. VR offers “hands-on experience” for training in the safest way possible.


Continued Labor Shortages

Most industries have struggled with labor shortages over the past few years. It looks like this will continue in the construction industry in 2023. This past year, there were around 25% more open positions than individuals accepting jobs in construction. Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) said, “In 2023, the industry will need to bring in nearly 590,000 new workers on top of normal hiring to meet industry demand.” Prepare for the year accordingly!


Higher Costs of Materials  

The rising costs of construction materials have been an issue in the industry for a while. Individuals are oftentimes forced to pay higher prices when certain materials are difficult to come by. Experts have recently predicted that construction-related inflation will calm in 2023.


3D Construction Printing

3D Construction Printing (3DCP) is on the rise in the construction industry as it provides faster, cheaper, and more sustainable methods for building structures. 3DCP also solves problems with traditional construction methods. You can read more about 3DCP on our blog here!



These are just a few of the trends to expect in 2023 in the construction industry, but the list goes on. Many of the mentioned trends are in the early stages of development and won’t get fully adopted into the industry for many years. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to follow the evolution of the construction industry whether you’re directly involved or not. Remember to contact TSpark Enterprises for your residential and commercial construction needs in Tallahassee and surrounding areas!



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