While Tallahassee, Florida isn’t exactly the coldest of areas during the winter season, North Florida and surrounding regions reach temperatures that definitely call for the use of a heater. Heating a home can be just as financially draining as using air conditioning in the summers. Still, fortunately, there are ways to save money and cut costs while keeping warm this winter. Plus, it’s the holiday season, and that usually means holiday spending! Let’s go through the different construction projects that can SAVE you money on heating this winter.

Air seal your home

The number one reason for excessive heating costs is the mere fact that heat can escape your home, leading you to increase the heater’s power. When outside air enters the house, it instantly cools off the air that’s supposed to keep you warm. Caulking and weatherstripping are two cost-effective methods for harnessing heat via air sealing.

Maintain your insulation

Insulation is what maintains the heat circulating throughout your home, ensuring it does not escape but rather stays confined to the spaces. Since heat rises, it can be lost through the roof of your home at the very top. For this reason, the insulation levels of that region of your home can determine how much heat is lost. Our TSpark Construction experts can come out to your home and perform a “home energy test” to diagnose where you might want more insulation to preserve your heat.

Maintain your furnace

In order to make sure that your furnace works at its optimum efficiency, (providing the most heat for the least amount of cost), allot for regular cleanings and checkups for your furnace. Also, be sure to change out the filter for healthy air quality every 3 to 6 months. A dirty filter can cause your furnace to work unnecessarily harder, restrict airflow, and create unstable temperatures.

Seal drafts

Eliminating drafts around your home is key to keeping the heat inside and the costs down by default. Our team can come out to your home and use a caulk gun to seal the gaps in the walls and windows of your home. We can also inspect your home for any other potential openings or unsealed corners that might be letting air out or in.

Implement energy-efficient lightbulbs

Something you can do on your own is installing energy-smart LED light bulbs wherever applicable. This practice alone will not preserve the heat in your home, but the long term use of these bulbs results in less energy expended, and therefore lower electricity costs.

Convert to a programmable thermostat

We often forget to alter our homes’ temperature when we are either sleeping or away from the house. By implementing a programmable thermostat, that you can control from your phone, you can have greater control and awareness of the unnecessary amount of heat used when it’s not necessary. This will save you energy costs in the long term.

Stay warm and cost-effective this winter season with all of these tips and tricks! As always, our construction experts at TSpark Enterprises are here to help—visit us at tsparkconstruction.com to learn more!



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