Commercial ConstructionRenovatingImage of large office with blog title "Commercial Renovations You Need in 2022"

Are you considering renovating your commercial structure? The work environment has changed drastically over the past two years. Therefore, the commercial construction industry is changing to fit the new needs of employers and employees. To inspire your future renovations, check out our list of predicted popular commercial renovations for 2022. 


Collaborative workspaces: 

In 2021, many businesses switched to a hybrid work format (half online and half in-person). Therefore, cubicles and individual workspaces aren’t very useful anymore. Instead, offices need collaborative conference rooms and work areas to hold in-person group meetings. As a result, you may need to expand your office space to fit some new conference rooms. 


Installing more windows: 

Since many of us rarely left our homes for a large portion of 2020 and 2021, people prefer to work in a larger work environment. Large windows create an optical illusion that your office is bigger than it actually is. Therefore, installing windows is a cheaper alternative for those who can’t afford a full-blown business expansion. Additionally, natural light from the sun is proven to improve productivity, which will help your employees get their work done faster. In addition to these benefits, using natural light instead of traditional electricity is much better for the environment and your electricity bill. 


Open floor plans: 

As stated before, larger and more open office spaces are in high demand. An open floor plan helps your employees see the entire office space instead of being confined to a small office area. Additionally, an open floor plan makes collaborative workspaces much more feasible. 


Improved bathrooms: 

Although your employees may not spend as much time as they used to in your physical office location, no one likes doing their business in a bathroom that hasn’t received an update in decades. If you can’t remember the last time you updated the bathroom in your commercial structure, it’s definitely time to upgrade. Additionally, to prevent the spread of sickness in your office, consider adding touchless sinks and paper dispensers to your bathroom renovation. 


As shown, office spaces are making drastic changes to appease this new hybrid work format. If you’re seeking to adopt a similar work environment, we highly suggest investing in renovating your structure. Doing so will help your employees feel more satisfied and productive at work. Luckily, our team of construction experts at TSpark specializes in commercial renovations. We do it all from expansions, bathroom improvements, window installation, floor plan adjustments, and more. Call us today to learn more about our commercial renovation services and schedule a project with us.



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