Commercial ConstructionGeneral ContractorCommercial construction trends to look out for in 2021

2020 has undoubtedly created long-lasting changes that are carrying on into 2021. Whether it has to do with making an effort to be more environmentally conscious, promoting social distancing, or becoming more technologically advanced, these modern trends have made their way into many areas of life, including commercial construction. If you are in the beginning stages of planning your next commercial construction project, here are some trends to look out for in 2021:


Sustainable construction:

The rising concern of climate change has resulted in many companies making an effort to contribute towards a greener, healthier planet. According to the US Department of Energy, buildings account for about 40 percent of all the energy consumption in the US. That’s a lot of energy! Business owners are taking note and using greener construction materials such as bamboo, recycled steel, recycled wood, and others in an effort to lower the percentage of business owners using non-renewable energy. 


Collaborative workspaces: 

Many companies developed a hybrid work environment in 2020 that they are carrying on into 2021. Before the pandemic, people did their work in a cubicle in the office, but now the only reason people are in the office is to work with others in a collaborative setting. Therefore, many office layouts will change from these traditional cubicles to larger conference rooms.


Larger space: 

Many businesses struggled with making adequate space to enforce the 6 feet apart guideline created by the CDC. In 2021, we are expecting to see businesses become larger and use their outdoor space more to promote social distancing and safety. 


Touchless technology: 

The pandemic made many develop an arguably irrational fear of door handles, sink handles, and elevator buttons. The demand for touchless technology has increased and many businesses are implementing it into everything from vending machines to doorbells.


HVAC air systems: 

In 2020, we learned that fresh air is vital to prevent the spread of viruses. This has caused many companies to invest in HVAC systems to improve air quality inside their buildings. These HVAC systems are making their way into 2021 as well. No one wants their employees to be in a consistent cycle of spreading colds. If everyone is out of the office nothing will get done!


As we reflect upon a year and a historic event that altered the way we live, many areas of life are forever changed. Thankfully, the solutions that have come about from the pandemic are steps we can take to improve the spread of viruses in the future. These aren’t just trends, they are ways to improve the overall health of humanity and the planet we live in one small change at a time. If your business is seeking a team of expert construction workers to help your business make these changes, look no further than TSpark. We have the equipment, materials, and experience to take on your project.