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At TSpark Enterprises, our team specializes in a wide variety of roofing and construction work, including but not limited to leak diagnoses, roof replacements, shingle installations, exterior facelifts, and consulting. Our services’ grand umbrella is commercial construction, which encompasses projects conducted for commercial buildings such as offices, businesses, schools, and other non-residential sites that make up the community. So what is commercial construction? Let us help you understand the different types of commercial construction services we can offer. 

Office buildings

These buildings come in various forms, such as stand-alones, suites, and any co-working space. These are designed so that they can meet the needs of the corporation or business cohabitating them. These factors can include the type of business, the hours spent in the office, whether they host visitors or not, and much more. The aesthetics of an office space have been much more emphasized in recent years, especially in large cities. Corporations like to pride themselves on friendly work environments, ones that cultivate creativity and the liberty to roam.


While the quality of cuisine and hospitality are at the heart of what people seek in a dining establishment, the space’s concept and design are largely critical. This is why commercial construction experts’ expertise is crucial for the planning of restaurants. The construction of the diner can greatly shape the dining experience and even draw or deter potential customers. 

Medical facilities

The pandemic has demonstrated that healthcare is one of the most dynamic industries out there since one event could entirely shape it forever. These medical structures in particular, such as hospitals, clinics, and other units, also require the passing of several strict standards, including cost-efficiency, safety and security, accessibility, relative ease of maintenance, an environment suitable for health and recovery, sanitation, scalability, and sustainability. To foster an environment conducive to one’s healing requires a significant amount of strategic planning.

Retail businesses

Retailers like shops, boutiques, grocery stores, shopping malls, outlets, and department stores require a particular construction strategy because these establishments anticipate significant amounts of foot traffic. Customers seldom stay in one place. Careful planning of the interior layout is imperative. Building these establishments requires knowledge of competitors, location, target demographics, capital, legal regulations, and expansion.

Hospitality accommodations

AKA hotels and motels. These are unique because they are a residential form of commercial construction for the tourism industry. Construction of these structures requires planning for pool/patio areas, gyms, conference halls, restaurants, and any other competitive advantage a hotel might want to provide.

Industrial buildings

Industrial facilities are a unique form of office space but built more for utility and practicality than for human comfort or aesthetic purposes. These buildings include factories, warehouses, storage units, and other similar developments for means of production. These facilities are based on numerous factors: space requirements, material handling, service equipment, health and safety, manufacturing procedures, electricity requirements, and more, depending on the purpose of the space.

Entertainment facilities 

Entertainment venues like sports arenas and concert halls require many specific accommodations, especially when it comes to mass capacity of guests. These facilities anticipate large numbers of spectators, so construction contractors observe the venue’s purpose, the building’s regulations, water management, sewer, weather, parking, and lighting are all taken into consideration when working on a construction plan. 

There you have it, a few of the different types of commercial jobs we can help build, consult, and plan for. Are you a business owner or investor looking for a commercial contractor? We’d love to help! Give us a call today. 


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