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Recently, temperatures in Tallahassee have been in the triple digits with up to 100% humidity which can negatively affect your roof if improperly maintained. Depending on the type of roof on your home, you may be especially vulnerable to heat and moisture damage. It is crucial that any roof damage is repaired as quickly as possible because a hurricane could hit at any moment, and you need to be prepared. To learn more about summer roof upkeep and prevent future issues, keep reading!


Inspect for Leaks

One of the most crucial parts of summer roof upkeep is checking your roof for any leaks. Some leaks can be found by simply checking out your attic and looking for water stains or mold/mildew growth on walls or insulation. If your attic smells like mildew, you probably have a leak. You’ll want to repair the leak(s) as soon as you can as mold can seriously harm you and other residents. When in doubt, TSpark Enterprises can perform a leak diagnosis to determine if there are any leaks present and advise you on the next steps. After that, we can repair your roof or replace it altogether!


Check Roofing Materials 

In addition to looking for any leaks in your roof, you should inspect your roofing materials as part of your summer roof upkeep. Intense weather like high winds, heavy rain, and the FL heat can all damage your roofing materials. The scorching FL temperatures can cause shingles to dry up and curl which tends to lead to cracking. Damaged shingles can lead to interior damage, so replace missing or damaged shingles before a storm hits. If your roof is at the end of its lifespan, consider contacting TSpark to replace your roof entirely. 


Deep Clean Gutters

Gutters are easy to forget about since we don’t have to think about them much on a daily basis, but neglecting them can land you in a nasty situation. Cleaning your gutters is essential for summer roof upkeep as clogged gutters can lead to water damage during hurricanes and tend to attract pests like termites. Gutters are attractive living spaces to birds, insects, mice, squirrels, and more. Professionals can also be hired to clean your gutters if you’re unable to!


Remove Dangerous Trees

Something you might not think about much is how trees surrounding your home can really damage it and put you in danger during intense weather. Having limbs and hazardously located or dead trees removed from your yard is critical for summer roof upkeep. Even trees that seem secure and healthy can break from harsh weather and damage your roof and/or entire house. Keep trees trimmed back or remove them entirely if they’re close to your house to prevent worry and future problems. 


Although there’s so much to enjoy in the summer and extra time to relax, remember this summer roof upkeep checklist and make sure to follow through with it. No one likes dealing with a leak in the middle of a hurricane, and hurricane season is in full-swing for us Floridians. Take care of potential issues like these before they become a real problem. Contact us today to schedule a leak diagnosis, or get a free quote on your roofing project!



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