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Although some people may not replace their roof entirely (due to budget constraints) and prefer a repair, there are many advantages to replacing your roof. Replacing your roof, also known as a re-roof, has two main advantages. Check them out below: 

Greater longevity and durability

By undergoing roof replacement in its entirety, every aspect of your roof will be on the same page in its start date. Therefore, it will last longer altogether, which means it will likely be replaced entirely together in the distant future whenever that time may come. It’s also much easier, as the property owner, to keep track of when everything was repaired, rather than keeping track of every minor fix or repair completed over the years. 

Increased property value

These benefits that you reap by tearing off your roof with a roof replacement will carry on to whoever inhabits your home next; therefore, this increases your property value. Prospective homeowners want to move into a home that they know is taken care of responsibly and practically. The fact that you conducted your roof work all at once generates extra appeal, and you could sell your home faster! 

Overall, when it comes to roof replacements in Tallahassee, Florida, a roof’s age can be the factor that determines whether or not you should fund its replacement. If installed correctly and composed of durable materials, a good roof will last up to 20 years. As your roof gets older and nears closer to this age, you’ll likely want to schedule a replacement as its life span begins to terminate.

In short, we take it case by case but understand that while a roof replacement is far more costly than a repair, it saves you from the time and expense of several small repairs down the road.



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