General ContractorResidential Construction9 Tips For a Stress-Free Home Renovation

There is no doubt that renovating can be a stressful, unexpected, and lengthy process. It’s difficult to have significant areas of the home inaccessible for some time. Thankfully, we can take precautions and procedures that can help us mentally prepare for a renovation and stay calm.

1. Know the Extent of the Renovation:

It is crucial to have a clear understanding of the steps required to complete the home renovation. For example, a bathroom remodel could mean starting from the drywall or adding new bath tiles and storage features. Both of these projects are very different, especially timewise. 

2. Talk to Your Contractor: 

Our staff is happy to consult with you before we get started to run you through the entire process from start to finish. Afterward, you will understand the time length behind the home renovation and the procedures involved in the renovation. 

3. Research Building Codes: 

Our team can help with this one! It’s essential to make sure that the renovations you’re seeking are adhering to local Tallahassee guidelines. Our staff can explain the process we take for applying for local permits and following building codes. 

4. Talk to Your Family Beforehand: 

Your family should be aware of the process as well. Having a talk with them beforehand about the information you talked through with your contractor will allow them to mentally prepare for what to expect and move belongings accordingly. 

5. Choose Design Elements In Advance:

We recommend for you to choose paint colors, tiles, appliances, and light fixtures early on in the process. This will help our team understand the exact materials they will be working with to better suit your needs. It will also help you make your design choices with ample time to think, instead of in the heat of the moment. 

6. Protect the Other Rooms in Your Home:

Even if you are only renovating one room, it’s still important to consider the spaces around it. Dust, dirt, and debris can easily travel from room to room. Therefore, it is a smart and precautionary idea to wrap furniture and limit your access around the nearby areas where the renovation is taking place. 

7. Have a Budget: 

Spending time on estimating a realistic budget beforehand will help you have a realistic expectation of how far you can go with the renovation. Make sure you consider any complications or repairs that may arise. 

8. Move Your Belongings: 

Ensure all of your important belongings are kept in safe areas away from where the home renovation is. This will prevent your items from getting damaged or dirty, and you can have peace of mind that they are in a safe space. 

9. Have a Backup Plan: 

It’s important to either have family or a hotel on standby if you need to leave your home during the renovation. You may need to go if you or one of your family members is allergic to dust or wish to use appliances that aren’t available at a certain point during the process.  

We hope this helped you see renovating as less intimidating. As long as you make a comprehensive plan beforehand, work with our staff at TSpark Enterprises, you are setting yourself up for success! 



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