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Thanksgiving is over and you know it’s Christmas season when you see houses filled with string lights, inflatable decorations, wreaths, and garlands. To join in the holiday spirit, you may want to decorate your house as well. Whether it is your first time decorating or you are a seasoned veteran with holiday decor, there is always a need to refresh and learn new holiday safety tips. Here are 5 tips to ensure a festive holiday house while remaining safe. 


1. Dress for the occasion 

The first step before beginning any set-up is making sure you have the proper attire. The most important article to obtain is a pair of non-slip shoes. You most likely have these shoes in your closet, just check for rubber soles with a tread or design that is able to grip the floor. This will prevent slipping off any ladders or elevated surfaces when hanging lights or decorations. Additionally, you will also want to consider wearing gloves that have a grip. Whether you are on a roof, on a ladder, or putting decorations in trees or bushes, you want to protect your hands and have a firm grip. 


2. Set up a ladder safely

Although this may seem obvious, many people overlook the safety tips that come when dealing with ladders. First and foremost, before using a ladder, inspect it to confirm it is in good working condition. You must make sure the ladder is on a solid, leveled floor and both feet are firmly placed on the ground. Do not place ladders in front of closed doors that can open toward the ladder. Once you are on the ladder, you must make sure there are three points of contact on the ladder at all times. Additionally, you must make sure to not lean back when on the ladder and remain straight. 


3. Hanging string lights up 

The most common way of holiday decorating is hanging string lights up around trees, on top of bushes and along the perimeter of your roof. For hanging lights along your roof, you must place your ladder on one end of your roof, or where you want your lights to begin. Place your light on a clip and clip the lights to either your gutters or shingles. You can purchase light clips at any local hardware store or store that sells Christmas lights and hanging tools. You want to avoid placing nails because while on a ladder, it may be dangerous because a nail placed incorrectly can result in a fire hazard.


4. Exercise caution when on the roof 

Many people want to put inflatable decorations or lights on top of their roof as well. If you choose to go on your roof, you must make sure to follow the proper safety precautions. First, make sure you are not working on a wet roof. A wet roof will make it more likely for slips and falls that can result in serious injuries. Additionally, you want to make sure you are hydrated and bring a water bottle up on the roof with you. Since you will be up on the roof and in most likely in the heat (being Florida), you want to make sure you stay hydrated to avoid light-headedness and the possibility of fainting on the roof. Most importantly, you must take breaks. Being in the sun is draining to the body, and hanging lights for a few hours can wear down your body.


5. Be prepared on the roof

Since you are not commonly on the roof, here are a few items to be aware of and things you may encounter. Be aware of weak spots on the roof. If there are weak spots, you can fall through the roof and result in serious injuries. Additionally, if you encounter a weak spot, be sure to contact a contractor to inspect your roof and fix it. Also, be aware of any animals you may encounter. Most animals you expect to find are birds and squirrels, yet, if you encounter any dangerous animals such as snakes, make sure to get off the roof and call someone to remove them.

Overall, holiday decorating can be enjoyable and the results can bring in festivity to the holiday season. However, it can be dangerous and taking the proper precaution is essential to remaining safe and successfully executing a festive home. For further information on remaining safe or for help on the roof make sure to contact your local roofing contractor, TSpark Enterprises.  Give us a call at (850) 766-1340 to book a consultation today! We Conquer All Peaks! 

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