Residential RoofingRoofing TipsWhen It's Time to Tear Off an Old Roof

Parting ways with elements of your home and starting fresh from scratch can seem intimidating. It can be challenging to accept that your old roof is no longer sufficient for its safety and stability. However, it must be done to ensure your Tallahassee home’s security and stability. You can sometimes get away with overlaying an extra layer of roofing atop your old layer, but that can get complicated. Your roof’s longevity will depend upon several factors, such as how it was built and with which materials. Our expert team here at TSpark Enterprises, in the Tallahassee area, can help you identify precisely when the right time to do this would be to replace your old roof.

1. Water damage

Suppose you’ve experienced any form of water damage, whether it was after a severe storm or only from excess buildup over a long period. In that case, you know how destructive it can be for your roof and other parts of your home. It can virtually destroy the foundation. If, after careful examination, you cannot pinpoint where water damage stems from, it might be time to completely strip your roof. It is much more cost-effective in the long run to replace the roof entirely than to repair the damage that resulted from leaks. There are likely many more issues coinciding, and a new roof will cover all your bases and give you the most protection from further damage, especially during Tallahassee’s hurricane season. 

2. Shingles changing shape

If you begin to notice that your roof’s shingles are changing shape by curling or crumbling, this could definitely be a sign that they are destined for their downfall. It is time to replace the shingles entirely. In short, it’s time to replace your old roof.

3. Sporadic repairs on the roof

More often than not, homeowners will have roofs repaired and fine-tuned over periods or in sessions. Due to various factors, such as weather, budget, and time of year, people conduct sporadic projects apart, leading to varying longevity and expirations of the different parts. If you find that several nuances of your roof need repair, it would be in your best interest to just repair the roof entirely. 

4. Your decking and underlayment are deteriorating 

These parts of your roof will break down over time from natural exposure to the elements. In some cases, this could be sped up from normal wear and tear. Once this occurs, there is no sense in wasting time and money to repair them when they likely need a full replacement. 


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